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Online inductions – all your questions answered.

If you’re still trying to decide whether to move to an online induction program, it’s probably because you have a few unanswered questions. Online inductions can seem like a major change to your HR procedures when you’re more used to carrying out your inductions face-to-face.

Here at, we find that as businesses make the transition, there are a few key questions that come up. Here are the five questions that we’re asked most frequently, together with the answers to make the way to online inductions clearer.

1. I’ve been told that carrying out inductions online will make my life easier, but I’m not yet convinced. Why is online easier than face-to-face?

There are a number of ways that online inductions make your life easier. Pressure is taken off your staff, too. Here’s how:

Online inductions save you money
Face-to-face inductions come loaded with expenses. Travel costs for trainers and delegates, venue hire, overnight expenses. And of course all the coffee, sandwiches and pastries add up. With online inductions, it’s easier for you to stay within your budget and meet your targets.

Online inductions save you time
When you move online, there’s no time spent travelling to a central venue for induction training. Your staff – both trainers and inductees – aren’t spending a full or half day away from their regular responsibilities. In addition, you don’t need to allocate time for arranging each induction session that is carried out - including venue arrangements, staff availability, updating and printing handouts etc.

Inductions are standardised, making the whole process more straightforward and consistent.

All of your induction records are in a single, secure database where you can easily manage approvals and certification, eliminating the need for loads of paperwork.

New staff and contractors can complete their induction prior to arriving for work on day one. They can complete their full induction from any location and on any device – either PC, mobile or tablet. This means that staff start work job-ready and are productive more quickly.

2. You say all inductions are standardised. So how can an online program cater to our wide range of job roles, all of which require different levels of induction training?

Having a standardised program doesn’t mean it’s a one-size-fits-all system. In fact, it makes delivering role-specific inductions much simpler. You have the scope to vary content where required, but it’s all delivered in the same way. Information is given clearly and consistently.

One of the beauties of online inductions is that you can have as many work categories as you like, each containing the induction presentation relevant to each job role. The information and content for every job role is ready to use and available immediately.

This is very different from face-to-face inductions, generally given to groups of staff, where individuals have to sit through information that isn’t relevant to them. Sometimes, this means having insufficient time for the role specific details they do need to know. That scenario can be a recipe for confusion.

3. We have some really good content for our existing induction training. Can I use our current presentations and induction documents within an online program?

Moving to an online induction program doesn’t mean that your valuable tried and tested induction content becomes obsolete and you have to start from scratch.

An online induction program, such as, enables you to upload whatever material you require for your staff and contractors. This can be PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, images, Word documents or video.

By putting these presentations and documents online, amending them becomes much easier as they’re all in one place. That’s useful for keeping all induction materials up-to-date and it also makes it simple to update and re-train staff as your business changes and develops. The system can be accessible to everyone, at any time.

4. How do I know that staff have worked through the induction program and understood the information given, if they’re doing it alone?

Your staff cannot complete their induction without passing the question and answer section. You have full control over setting the questions and you can also decide pass rate, i.e. how many questions they must answer correctly in order to pass the test. allows you to randomise the questions so no two tests are the same, ensuring that staff knowledge is really thoroughly tested.

You will be notified if the inductee has failed their test and you can log into the system at any time to review the status of all inductions – required, ongoing and completed. This includes the ability to view the test results.

5. Induction is a two way process. How can I get the information I need from staff and contractors, such as legally required certification?

Inductions help you to gather information from new staff, as well as vice versa. This can include things like proof of qualifications and certification. In some cases, such as within the construction industry, certification relating to health & safety and competence can be a legal requirement.

With an online induction system you have the assurance of knowing that legally required evidence of certification is always readily available.

You can log into the system at any time and do a search on whatever criteria you need, for example, certificates that are due to expire the following month. This will pull up a list of all personnel who fit those criteria, who will then be automatically emailed, directly from, with a request to update their certification.

Do you still have questions? Are you craving some fine detail that wasn’t covered in this blog? Then pick up the phone or email us. We really enjoy explaining about how works and helping businesses to carry out inductions more easily and more effectively.