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Additional Services

Some of our clients require additional services as part of their induction program. At we have the capabilities in-house to provide the following:

ID cards and access control

Control access of your workforce across different areas of your site with RFID access control units.

  • Installation of pre-configured touchscreen Access Control Unit
  • RFID card reader
  • RFID card printer

Personnel tracking

Maintain safety of your site by tracking the current location of all your personnel . View real-time tracking controlled by swipe card access, and have access to a complete historical log of movements for auditing.

E-learning has the ability to be utilised as an effective platform for e-learning and online training. You can upload your training videos and send a link to your trainees who can then watch the material from any location. You are able to easily verify and monitor the status of training for each individual all from within the system.

Health and Safety services

We have in-house HSEQ professionals able to provide our clients with specialist health and safety support and advice. Our qualified team provides consultancy support to ensure you and your site are adhering to legislation and operations are aligned with HSE standards and best practice procedures.


For more information on any of these services, just contact us.