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Creating an Induction Program

Planning and providing a good induction for your contractors, employees and visitors is essential, to ensure persons have the correct level of information and instruction to enable the maintenance of health and safety standards on site. We have created this simple induction template to provide guidance on information you may include in your company’s induction.

The Induction Checklist

Company introduction / Overview

Overview of company / project including structure and goals.

Include organisation and line management.

  • Company Structure
  • Mission Statement


Health and Safety

  • Present a copy of the company's Health and Safety Policy or Statement.
  • Any golden rules / standards


Emergency arrangements

  • How to raise alarm
  • Any site / building alarms
  • When alarms are tested
  • Emergency exit / routes and call points
  • First aiders
  • Fire Marshals
  • Site layout
  • Include a site map to identify hazardous areas, muster points and exits.


Welfare Facilities

  • Identify welfare including any eating / drinking or washing facilities
  • Changing or clothing storage


Security Information

  • Include health and safety methods and factor in manufacturer’s instructions.
  • DSE assessments if IT users
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Identify what clothing and equipment is needed and where is should be worn.
  • Any specific / task PPE or Zones e.g. high noise areas requiring hearing protection / dust / chemicals requiring respiratory protection


Incident Reporting

  • Explain requirements for reporting (near miss / incident / major.
  • Confirm the procedure for reporting an accident.


Hazard Reporting

Confirm how and to whom, an identified hazard on site should be reported.


Security Information

  • Employee benefits
  • Smoking policies
  • Safety committees or such like


What material you include in your induction will depend on the specific role of the inductee, there may be requirements for company / corporate information as well as any site / project specific details. Ensure you include the relevant material for the job type – can help – contact us for more information.