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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does make inductions easy? enables you to deliver your inductions online meaning there is no requirement for face to face inductions, reducing costs, saving time as well as standardising your inductions. It also keeps all your induction records in a single secure database where you can easily manage approvals and certification, eliminating the need for loads of paperwork.


2. We have a number of different job roles on site, requiring different levels of induction training – can I have multiple induction presentations on

Yes. You can have as many work categories as you like, containing the induction presentation relevant to each job role.


3. Can I use the presentations and other induction documents that I already have?

Absolutely. You can upload as much material as is needed for your site inductions. This can be PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, images, Word documents or video.


4. How do I know my staff, contractors or visitors have read or watched the material?

They cannot complete their induction without passing the question and answer section. You have full control of setting the questions and also the pass rate. You can also randomise the questions so no two tests are the same.


5. Will I be notified if the inductee has failed their test?

You can log into the system at any time to review all your induction requests and their status. This includes the ability to view the test results.


6. Can all my contractors be inducted before they get to site?

Yes. A key benefit with is that you can request that your contractors complete their induction prior to arriving for work on day one. They can complete their full induction from any location and on any device – either PC, mobile or tablet.


7. How do I know if my contractors’ certificates are out of date?

You can log into the system at any time and do a search on whatever criteria you need, for example, certificates that are due to expire next month. This will pull up a list of all personnel this applies to and you can automatically email them directly from


8. I often have contractors who work across multiple sites, do I have to set the induction up each time?

No. You can store your entire workforce in a single database so all personal information can easily be transferred from site to site. You will only need to reissue the induction request if they require a different set of training specific to each site.


9. What if my contractor does not have an e-mail address?

A unique username can be created by the supervisor allowing for the contractor to complete the induction onsite.


If you have any further questions regarding, you can email us.